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After almost 15 years, (and about 60,000 clocks) we’ve decided to shutter Clocks4Bikes and no longer sell clocks and thermometers. Intense foreign competition (China) has caused our business to decline to the point that we must diversify as we close down the clock business.

July 17, 2016 UPDATE: Since I posted (mid June) the notice above that we’re closing I’ve received dozens of emails and calls letting us know we’ll be “missed” and that it’s a shame that “another US manufacturer” has fallen under the pressure of Chinese competition. Both Linda and I are humbled and appreciative of the comments we’ve received. Thanks to all.

I had not considered this option up until now.

If anyone is interested in continuing on with and either making or have made clock mounts in the US, please send me an email and I’ll get back to you shortly.
Thanks Again, Ross

We will continue to change batteries and perform repairs for the foreseeable future.

Click Here for More Info about Batteries and Repairs

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